Economics Viewpoint

                                                                                                                                    June 20th, 2017

            It's not inside economics, it's outside and who controls "THE HAND OF FORCE." What I mean is lenders and issuers are like one in the same to the people who haven't any collateral bargaining chips (land, vehicles, stocks, bonds, et-cetera).

            Why should one man work full-time and still only have wage enough to drive a twenty-year-old vehicle; live in his parent's basement; eat frozen dinners: Yet the unemployed reap from the working-mans taxes and have newer things and more social life through the "free" income.
            We (Americans)  NEED Ezra Pound today! The system is broke, but they (the government) just keep hitting it: maybe the TV's reception will come back. That's no realistic way to fix the problem vermin chewing on the cord  of the Americans. When did humans become like products, shipped like goods to other countries for work-yet we import back the same Gilden tee-shirt after the U.K. applies a decal that will sell here in


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