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Moisturzation of a Woman's Heart


The Museum

The Museum (Feb.2017)

Noticing the historic preservation of objects;
Survived inventions, built through hardships unknown,
Today earning a museum attendant their paycheck.

Old U.S. Post Office with letters on dusty 1800’s desk,
Many long-gone Civil War soldiers left unread.
Union blue uniforms worn by mannequin display,
Showing: pistol, sword, canteen and rifle,
Draped is the thirty-three star war efforts flag.

Publicly display the slave whip and shackled chains,
Unsurrendered still are Negro prayers for emancipation.
1893 stained glass window with sunlight beating through,
Looking at the Rivers Edge, 2017’s world shown anew.

O creative spirit that is, then isn’t;
Photograph the hypodermic syringe, touch the model barn,
See the ceiling d├ęcor getting a white paint restoration.

USS Waukesha (AKA-84) ships bell, memorial gift from the Navy;
Ordered to Pearl Harbor when the two Atomics boomed,
Witness to the Jap's surrender.
Now sitting in a hall with note “Please Don’t Ring Bell,”

The Legendaries


Rocks Are Forever


Poem written on my 1960's Smith~Corona Electric 12 Typewriter


Shark And Whale Story / Video (Rey & Moytoya)

A short story I just got done with. It is about a shark and a whale.

She Doesn't Care

She Doesn't Care             June 2018

Take my body to a numbing place--
I've been beaten with the meat cleaver of love.
The girl I care for won't respond to my calls;
It takes all my energy just to lay here,
  staring at the ceiling above.

In these "dark mood" places, one gets to see all their faces--
Especially, when their eyes are closed!
Anticipations and fears,
Hoping for a phone call (that will never come)
She doesn't care.


Pleasure     5/4/18

I may be a hedonist, "pleasure IS the chief end of life."
At least no one can say "he's a misogynist;"
 the muse preside over MY liberal arts--
    history's and literature's goddesses!

Two of my poetry videos (outloud readings)


Economics Viewpoint

June 20th, 2017

It's not inside economics, it's outside and who controls "THE HAND OF FORCE." What I mean is lenders and issuers are like one in the same to the people who haven't any collateral bargaining chips (land, vehicles, stocks, bonds, et-cetera).
Why should one man work full-time and still only have wage enough to drive a twenty-year-old vehicle; live in his parent's basement; eat frozen dinners: Yet the unemployed reap from the working-mans taxes and have newer things and more social life through the "free" income. We (Americans)NEED Ezra Pound today! The system is broke, but they (the government) just keep hitting it: maybe the TV's reception will come back. That's no realistic way to fix the problem vermin chewing on the cordof the Americans. When did humans become like products, shipped like goods to other countries for work-yet we import back the same Gilden tee-shirt after the U.K. applies a decal that will sell here in

A few nice poems


A Few Literary Writings


Cut-Up Method Poem : U want The Same Nightmare Dream

10-22/23-17(cut up w/add.)

U want the same "nightmare dream,"
No patience has you (zoo left, insane left)
Our way out: stuck the same.

You, in an "Oz Land" wall, ranting:
"Revision daisy"--only pair--"no more!"
Tyrant yourself rude and USA revival.

She looks (at you) for me--patience to exclaimate.
In bed, Queen said "We're both Earth with grave,"
last of the "no, no's," . . . what a mother fuck!

Be the out key; magic rope; Puss: I, I listen!
Know me (revised) two, one, King me.
Get on as Queen--China free--free as smoke:
I want what you pretend you don't.

Several poem uploads