1781 The fight against Briton To protect young USA Was at a cost of many men (heroes) That September 8th, 1781, date. They knew freedom was a just cause-- Should causes be needed. General Greene at the command: The men knew they would conquer. That South Carolina plain turned red-- Blood of the fallen and wounded. Their town was on fire: without a shepherd! But, as miracles go, the Brits cavalry Started to leave, shooting while backing away,  Fleeing to their country. Our patriot fathers that died that day Spent their lives for us all. Two hundred plus Years later remembered as brave and American-- My freedom gained by their fall. Thank-you patriots in "sunny spirit land," From this free nation that wouldn't have been. Your memory will never be dead. **after reading Phillip Freneau "To the Memory of Brave Americans"

A Young Man Fell into a Hole

 A Young Man Fell into a Hole A young man fell into a hole,  Though witnesses shouted "Stop! and No-no!"  As distractive young ladies danced, Flaunting their tits n' ass, The young man didn't look before going.


 Baby Baby, baby, baby, I been takin' that long walk home tonight... Skittle doo bop, alright. Then, woah! pop! My emergency brakes lock, adoring a girl with big, full lips, across the street at Hoo Doo's lot. Woo, Earth angel, earth angel... Tic-toc, all time stops! Her milk-white half-tops' straps falling off-- she's illustrious! I can't get enough. Here's what my fortune-cookie said: "You have a strong desire for a home and your family comes first." So, applying what I'd read, I exclaimed: "Please, please me vivacious!" Her posture's arched and leaning back, flaunting her legs and waist just for effect. Her hips are arched to her front, as if in climax and she's in a skirt design known as "easy access." Woo, earth angel, earth angel-- God help me to keep it together. My hard wood rod is at full stance though I start walking over to approach her. Suddenly, a Hoo-Doo store employee yells out: "Where is that that th


 Blonde Blonde hair down frizzy, Blonde hair tucked-up tight, Eyes blue as Heaven, with a sparkle of white. Your voice and laugh echo to me, There's nothing fake, you’re true. Something in your way excites me, It's nice being around you. Your smile is amazing, But your attitude is even cooler. Comparing your intelligence To the brightest northern star, Other girls seem like dim, flickering candles. If you only knew how I feel about you, You know it's beyond skins beauty. I believe that you’re hiding  Angel wings below your clothing. The hardest part of knowing you,  Is everything that isn’t!

Constellation Tracy

  Constellation Tracy Her beauty is bright as the sun! Don't open your windows too long,  She'll burn her image into your soul. No good way to forget her, no matter how low the dose It'd be impossible if taken any stronger. In the stars of the night sky Your name twinkles along the Ecliptic: I call it "Constellation Tracy," Orion reaches up to touch you.


  Economics June 20th, 2017      It's not inside economics, it's outside and who controls "THE HAND OF FORCE." What I mean is lenders and issuers are like one in the same to the people who haven't any collateral bargaining chips (land, vehicles, stocks, bonds, et-cetera).      Why should one man work full-time and still only have wage enough to drive a twenty-year-old vehicle; live in his parent's basement; eat frozen dinners: Yet the unemployed reap from the working-man's taxes and have newer things and more social life through the "free" income.       We (Americans) NEED Ezra Pound today! The system is broken, but they (the government) just keep hitting it: maybe the TV's reception will come back. That's no realistic way to fix the problem vermin chewing on the cord of the Americans. When did humans become like products, shipped like goods to other countries for work-yet we import back the same Gilden tee-shirt after the U.K. appli

I Laid There

  I Laid There I laid there fighting The maddening wonders, Of why I couldn't get any sleep. After long enough restlessness, I knew one way, Only, To wearingly knock myself out. I scratched my itchy soul’s desire, Freeing desired inner thoughts, of making love with you. You were my bed, And I was in you. Every thrust continued, longer Then only the great complete release. I didn't want to get up And get out immediately after, And thanks to a flower & seashell patterned Quality napkin, I didn't have to. I didn't have to rush, As it soaked up  All that released energy's glaze, That’s a joy-gift to you, from my almond nuts. Oh boy, Time to sleep!