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Cut-Up Method Poem : U want The Same Nightmare Dream

               U Want the Same Nightmare Dream                          10-22/23-17 (cut up w/add.)                                                                           U want the same "nightmare dream," No patience has you (zoo left, insane left) Our way out: stuck the same. You, in an "Oz Land" wall, ranting: "Revision daisy"--only pair--"no more!" Tyrant yourself rude and USA revival. She looks (at you) for me--patience to exclaim. In bed, Queen said "We're both Earth with grave," last of the "no, no's," . . . what a mother fuck! Be the out key; magic rope; Puss: I, I listen! Know me (revised) two, one, King me. Get on as Queen--China free--free as smoke: I want what you pretend you don't.