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The Museum

The Museum (Feb.2017)

Noticing the historic preservation of objects;
Survived inventions, built through hardships unknown,
Today earning a museum attendant their paycheck.

Old U.S. Post Office with letters on dusty 1800’s desk,
Many long-gone Civil War soldiers left unread.
Union blue uniforms worn by mannequin display,
Showing: pistol, sword, canteen and rifle,
Draped is the thirty-three star war efforts flag.

Publicly display the slave whip and shackled chains,
Unsurrendered still are Negro prayers for emancipation.
1893 stained glass window with sunlight beating through,
Looking at the Rivers Edge, 2017’s world shown anew.

O creative spirit that is, then isn’t;
Photograph the hypodermic syringe, touch the model barn,
See the ceiling d├ęcor getting a white paint restoration.

USS Waukesha (AKA-84) ships bell, memorial gift from the Navy;
Ordered to Pearl Harbor when the two Atomics boomed,
Witness to the Jap's surrender.
Now sitting in a hall with note “Please Don’t Ring Bell,”

The Legendaries


Rocks Are Forever


Poem written on my 1960's Smith~Corona Electric 12 Typewriter