Just As


Just as when you feel a certain way.

"I don't even Wanta see this"

Sitting in the bathroom, turning off the lights--

Though it creeps in at the door's edges.

No longer in total darkness, your vision adapts:

Noticing the disturbing, tricky, light's glow--

You give up, flipping the room lamp back on:

now hoping its bulb doesn't blow out.

Everything seems like your feelings are justified.

Just a spoon misplaced in a pile of forks:

You'll either "suffer through it,"(why complain)

Or you're to ignorant to stop the fight--

The Will inside shall overcome--regardless of how careless things get.

You're playing in the tree house,

Amongst the treetops.

Who will answer the door if they come?

Come back to Earth; come back to reality.

Get a hobby, consume yourself in it.

You won't have time for all the "silly bullshit" and neediness

. . . you'll be more interesting too! 

Invest time in your business, independence, potentials, and self:

Your wellness must be numeral uno.


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