I Laid There

 I Laid There

I laid there fighting

The maddening wonders,

Of why I couldn't get any sleep.

After long enough restlessness,

I knew one way,


To wearingly knock myself out.

I scratched my itchy soul’s desire,

Freeing desired inner thoughts, of making love with you.

You were my bed,

And I was in you.

Every thrust continued, longer

Then only the great complete release.

I didn't want to get up

And get out immediately after,

And thanks to a flower & seashell patterned

Quality napkin,

I didn't have to.

I didn't have to rush,

As it soaked up 

All that released energy's glaze,

That’s a joy-gift to you, from my almond nuts.

Oh boy,

Time to sleep! 


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