The fight against Briton

To protect young USA

Was at a cost of many men (heroes)

That September 8th, 1781, date.

They knew freedom was a just cause--

Should causes be needed.

General Greene at the command:

The men knew they would conquer.

That South Carolina plain turned red--

Blood of the fallen and wounded.

Their town was on fire: without a shepherd!

But, as miracles go, the Brits cavalry

Started to leave, shooting while backing away, 

Fleeing to their country.

Our patriot fathers that died that day

Spent their lives for us all. Two hundred plus

Years later remembered as brave and American--

My freedom gained by their fall.

Thank-you patriots in "sunny spirit land,"

From this free nation that wouldn't have been.

Your memory will never be dead.

**after reading Phillip Freneau "To the Memory of Brave Americans"


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