Baby, baby, baby,

I been takin' that long walk

home tonight...

Skittle doo bop, alright.

Then, woah! pop!

My emergency brakes lock,

adoring a girl with big, full lips,

across the street at Hoo Doo's lot.

Woo, Earth angel, earth angel...

Tic-toc, all time stops!

Her milk-white half-tops' straps falling off--

she's illustrious! I can't get enough.

Here's what my fortune-cookie said:

"You have a strong desire for a home

and your family comes first."

So, applying what I'd read, I exclaimed:

"Please, please me vivacious!"

Her posture's arched and leaning back,

flaunting her legs and waist just for effect.

Her hips are arched to her front, as if in climax

and she's in a skirt design known as "easy access."

Woo, earth angel, earth angel--

God help me to keep it together.

My hard wood rod is at full stance

though I start walking over to approach her.

Suddenly, a Hoo-Doo store employee yells out:

"Where is that that thing?" 

Causing my emergency-brakes to let out--

reality crashed back from dream onto me!

Woah, woah...what's happened to her... my angel?!

All that's here is a seductively displayed mannequin,

modeling some catalog trend, in a stores' front window.


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