This is the very first time am trying this

so am not comfortable sharing details about me,

but here are the basics.

I'm single, loving, caring, honest,

ambitious and good looking.

I like sports and the outdoors,

I enjoy sightseeing, exploring and more.

I'm looking for a matured woman

to give me the happiness and excitements of life,

a woman I can call mine

and always make me happy all the time.

I believe age is just a number 

and good looks does not define the heart.

I am looking for a real woman

who is ready for a serious,

meaningful relationship.

Someone who is both friend and lover,

that we can enjoy each other's company and do things together.

I would like to be with a woman

that we can have fun together,

can handle any situation,

take control

and at the same time remain compassionate.

I would like to have a relationship with all the sparks

and be able to grow with someone.

I also have an amazing relationship with God,

hope my partner shares the same as well.

If this meet

your heart in good faith,

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you

so that we can bring happiness to our hearts.

Pls and pls don't ask me for my nude picture

cos I don't like it

and I wouldn’t do that online.

My nakedness is meant for my future lover,

if you’re going to ask me for that shit

don't bother.  I'd rather be lonely!


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