Tears - Emotion

 Tears - Emotion (Dedicated to Allen Ginsberg) (11-22-16)

Lately, I've been brought to tears--

imprints of stories emotion. 

I received a letter from MADACC,

they were asking for money

to help cats & dogs find homes--

even included a story.

There was a picture of a seven y/o female pit-bull,

she'd been abused and used for breeding

That lead to incontinence--

for the rest of her life, she'll be in diapers.


With tears in eyes, I willingly fished 

the only two-dollar bills out of my savings,

placing them in the provided return envelope 

and mailing it back promptly.

My dog was sitting on my lap

when I read the letter.

It made me sad to think,

where he'd be without me (His Daddy).

ABC's Nightline was on TV

telling the story of a guy named Pat.

He was a fireman who'd been severely burned,

luckily, he received a face transplant.

He had regained sight, regrown hair, and

even met the mother of the face he now wears.

She kissed his forehead, saying softly "thank-you" and "it's yours."

Emotional to watch, honor and joy to of felt a part of.

Juju Chang's strong, professional demeanor on camera shines through.

Stronger than I'll ever be choked-up & teary-eyed, just watching though.


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